1. How is Dr. Arnett affiliated with Winchester Medical Center?

Dr. Arnett is on the courtesy physician staff of Valley Health System, which allows her to fully access your medical records, labs, x-rays and hospital reports.

2. Does Dr. Arnett admit to Winchester Medical Center?

While Dr. Arnett does not admit to the hospital, she has privileges to consult with the ER or admitting physician to discuss your medical history and get updates on your care and condition throughout your hospital stay.

3. Can I reach Dr. Arnett after hours?

Dr. Arnett shares phone call with 2 other Winchester physicians, Dr. Laurel Tschirgi and Dr. Greg Kujala. To reach the on-call physician, please call the Winchester Medical Center Operator at 540-536-8000 and have the on-call physician paged. Dr. Laurel Tschirgi is a practicing, board certified internist and Dr. Greg Kujala is a practicing, board certified rheumatologist, both of whom meet Dr. Arnett's standards for high quality medical care.

4. How do I get a prescription refilled?

Please call your pharmacist and have him or her fax Dr. Arnett a refill request. We do not accept prescription refills by phone. If your prescription has expired, you will need to schedule an appointment to see Dr. Arnett.

5. What should I do to prepare for my first visit?

Dr. Arnett does like to review your prior medical records before your first visit, if possible. This makes your first visit with her more efficient. A Record Release form will need to be filled out by either your prior physician's office or by Dr. Arnett to obtain your previous medical records. For more information, please call the office.

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